Services Offered

"You can talk the talk, but have you walked the walk?"

Coralyn believes that guidance comes from experience 

Coralyn Jewel's first-hand experience as an Adult Performer, Author, podcaster, Swing Club owner, certified master sexologist, and Lifestyle community member has provided her the tools, secrets, do's and don't, warning signs, and legalities prior to embarking on a career in the Adult Industry, Swing club owner or participating in the Swinger Lifestyle.  

Adult Industry Consulting

If you are considering a career in the Adult industry either behind or in front of the camera but do not know where to start Coralyn will begin with a 45-minute consultation to discuss legalities, testing, platforms, agencies, PR managers, and more.

The Swinger LIfestyle

Coralyn can also assist you if you have questions or concerns related to the Lifestyle or alternative relationships.  Whether currently involved as a couple or single and facing challenges or considering experiencing this type of Lifestyle but unsure of rules and how to begin.

Key-Note Speaker

Coralyn specializes in a number of topics related to the adult industry as well as the Swinger Lifestyle Community. Inquire for suggested topic list.

Relationship Counseling 

If your relationship has become stale, looking to spice things up considering the Lifestyle but with hesitation.  

Or involved in the Swinger Lifestyle and are bumping into obstacles along your journey.

Dating After Divorce

Have you been gone from the dating scene for so long that you do not know where to start? Entering the world of dating in today's generation is like trying to find your way out of a corn maze, however, Coralyn's book of tricks will have you dating in no time.

Embrace Your Sexuality

There has always been a stigma around sex, fantasy, and kinks.  Many people never get to fully enjoy the benefits of sexual freedom for fear of judgment. Coralyn will help you break that barrier and find your true self.  


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